Put wrinkles to sleep, with 5 anti-aging bedtime habits.

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Sleeping is a time to rest and rejuvenate our bodies for the day ahead. It’s a magical time for our skin and our anti-aging skincare routine, as we’re free from the elements. Without UV rays, pollution and general daily stressors, 10.00pm – 6.00am is our anti-aging sweet spot.

Science tells us our skin’s blood flow increases; it rebuilds its collagen and repairs damage. Do you want that ‘I woke up looking this good’ skin? Add these habits into your night routine.

  1. Eat a healthy dinner

We’ve all woken up from that pasta ‘coma.’ You feel sluggish, bloated, and slow – no amount of coffee can get you moving fast. Opt for a Mediterranean-style meal that’s rich in Omega-3’s and dubbed the ‘world’s healthiest diet.’ Fill your plate with fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and fatty fish.

  1. Wash off your makeup

Do you shower in the morning? It’s easy to forget to wash your face, but it’s an essential step for gorgeous morning skin. Going to bed with makeup on, clogs your pores and ‘steals’ these important restorative hours. Keep pimples, puffiness and wrinkles at bay, by cleansing your face before bed.  This is a must for your anti-aging skincare routine.

anti-aging skincare routine - wash face

  1. Keep your pillows fresh

It’s counterintuitive to wash your face, then rest it on an oily, bacteria-ridden pillow. Throw the pillowcase in the weekly wash and flip it every few days. There is such thing as pillow wrinkles. Upgrade to a silk case to minimise lines.

  1. Meditate

When you’re stressed, the oil-producing hormone, cortisol, is raging throughout your body. Let go of the stressors of the day with a short, guided meditation. This will help prime you for sleep and signal your body that it’s time to rest, which is a valuable wellbeing tool to develop.

anti-aging skincare routine

  1. Get to know your sleep cycles

While going to bed and waking up at the same time is a healthy habit to follow, understanding your sleep cycles is key. Sure, it might not be possible to wake up without an alarm but let your body ‘tell you’ when it’s time to rise. Burn some sage and turn on an alarm, just in case. You’ll wake up feeling rested, when it’s on your own terms, after you’ve completed the sleep cycles (and not because of a vibrating buzz on your side table).

Sleeping beauty starts within.

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