The next stage of anti-aging skincare has arrived.

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Have you ever stretched the truth when it came to your age? Maybe it was for that quick endorphin high that follows, “oh wow, you look great for your age”, or you simply blurted it, to save face.

Well, ironically, your skin doesn’t lie. As time passes, the skin thins out and fine lines develop into deep wrinkles that no amount of coverup can hide. But while it might feel like there are more anti-aging skincare creams than ever before, humans have been attempting to rewind the clock, for centuries.

The ancient Egyptians used baking soda.

Yes, they used baking soda to keep their skin hydrated, while the ancient Greeks relied on olive oil. The modern cosmetic industry, until more recent years, has been plagued with chemical-filled products that have been linked to further health problems.

Olive oil sounds pretty good about now, doesn’t it?

Research into skin physiology and the ageing process.

The discovery of the extra-cellular matrix (ECM), the fine mesh of microfibres that support the skin, was a giant breakthrough. With copper peptides, it’s possible to stimulate skin regeneration and reduce the rate of the matrix breakdown.

The extra-cellular matrix explained.

The extracellular connective tissue matrix of the skin is a complex aggregate of distinct collagenous and non-collagenous components. Optimal quantities and delicate interactions of these components are necessary to maintain normal physiologic properties of the skin.

Dermal extracellular matrix ensures an essential role in skin cohesion. In adult skin, it comprises the collagen network as a major constituent that corresponds to 70–80% of the skin dry weight, the elastic fibre network, proteoglycans, glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), and water.

During ageing, fibroblast-ECM interactions become disrupted due to fragmentation of collagen fibrils.


Zinzino represents the next evolution in skincare.

Designed to modify aging systematically, it protects, repairs and re-builds the extra-cellular matrix. The key benefits include smoother skin, improved elasticity, and the reduction of fine lines and pores.

The addition of low molecular weight, beta-glucans enhances the skin’s immune system and provides further support to the matrix. A clutch of ancillary ingredients provides further benefits – and any, if not, all potentially harmful compounds have been rigorously screened out.

Celebrate your age and own it with joy, wearing the Zinzino 24-Hour Youth Formula, not makeup. It rejuvenates the face and neck by rebuilding the extra-cellular matrix, providing tensile strength and elasticity to the skin.

Then, wait to get complimented on how old you really are.


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