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The (surprising) causes of a bloated stomach. And how to reduce it!

There are meals that leave you with a bloated stomach that looks like you’re six months pregnant. You know, carb-filled pasta, pizza or anything with bread. But what about those times where you feel like this, after little more than a salad?

It’s as equally frustrating as it is puzzling. If you’re feeling a little full but you don’t know why, stick with us. From the food you eat, your emotions and lifestyle, there’s a few, seemingly harmless, culprits we need to talk about.

Put an end to… ughhhh, I have a food baby.

Okay, bloating isn’t just short-term discomfort. It’s a sign of an unhealthy gut. Your surprise ‘food baby’ needs to be loved and listened to. If you’re feeling bloated check this list and cut it out of your life.

Chewing gum…

While it might suppress your hunger and give you mint-fresh breath, “chewies” usually contains the sugar alcohol, sorbitol. Known for causing gastrointestinal stress, undigested sorbitol acts as a home for the fermentation of bacteria. The chewing motion also triggers hunger hormones, which causes a bloated stomach.

Tip: Support the growth of friendly bacteria, promote healthy bowl functions and reduce bloating by taking ZinoBiotic. It’s a blend of five natural dietary fibres that metabolise the colon.

Being a woman…

Women have longer colons but smaller guts. In other words, the zig-zagging GI tract causes gas build-up. Double your water consumption and eat 25g of fibre every day to keep things moving.

Need ideas? Throw oats into your smoothies, toss chia seeds onto your salads, add shredded veggies into your dinners, and the dietary fibre blend, ZinoBiotic.

Coffee overload…

Your affinity for caffeine can trigger dehydration, thanks to its diuretic effect. This makes the food move slower through the intestines, causing a bloated stomach. While reducing your coffee intake may mildly elevate your nerves, do your best to replace with herbal teas, green juices and water, whenever possible.

Gluten & dairy intolerance…

You’ve probably heard a friend reply to you: “You’re probably sensitive to gluten or lactose.” While you might not be intolerant, your body might not function well consuming it. They develop damage to the intestinal tracts. It’s best to ask your GP to check your sensitivity to these substances. The surprising part? You can become intolerant at any age, so don’t assume you’re fine eating it. Listen to what your body is ‘telling’ you.

Stress levels…

We continue to reiterate how important the mind-body connection is. Your bloated stomach might have nothing to do with what you’re eating or drinking.

Stress is one of the most prevalent causes of a bloated stomach.

If your body is stressed and anxious, it diverts energy and blood flow away from the digestive system… leaving you, well… backed up. Spend your time enjoying stress-reducing activities – like listening to music, meditating, journaling, doing yoga, breathwork, getting out in nature, and practicing gratitude.

Your belly isn’t meant to look like a balloon. Re-balance it, by levelling out your Omega 6:3 ratio.

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