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Here’s why you should focus on creating habits in 2020.

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We’ve all done this. You begin a New Year full of motivation and energy. Then, when January is over, you’re already back into old patterns. See, most people don’t keep New Year resolutions, but not because of a lack of effort.

You create a list of goals you want to achieve, with the aspirational ‘New Year mindset.’

“I’m going to prioritise my fitness this year…”

“This year, I’ll quit my job…”

“I want to put myself out there again and date…”

Yes, there is a place for goals. They give you a path forward and clarity as to where you want to focus your attention. But this is where most people stop – with a goal in mind and hope that the New Year’s energy will propel you there.

But, reality soon gets in the way. Life gets busy and without movement, guilt usually follows. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle. In 2020, we encourage you to try something a little different.

Pair habits with each goal you set.

Emotions are more powerful than the analytical mind. No ‘new mindset’ will overcome emotions, which is why people tend to give into their vices… unhealthy food, bad relationships or the ‘security’ of an unfulfilling job.


The key to intercepting these patterns is habits.

Create the habit and it happens automatically. You don’t need to change your mindset, but rather, assign new habits to each goal and prime your body until each becomes second nature to you.

So, let’s say you want to get healthier this year. The first step is to set a goal that’s clear, with easily identifiable steps. So, you want to improve your health, but how? Is it through exercise? Zoom in and define that further by identifying supporting actions to make them non-negotiable parts of your schedule:

  • Exercise three times per week – on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
  • Go to bed at 10.00pm to get eight hours rest
  • Meditate every morning to clear energetic blockages
  • Add a natural dietary supplement to your breakfast (like Viva) to boost your energy and immune system.

Grab yourself a journal or create an excel spreadsheet to track each goal. Support your body for the next 30-60 days as the new behaviour becomes a habit. Do your best to remove the emotions out of your actions. Create a system that reduces decision making and emotional temptations.

Hitting goals is less about self-control and sustained motivation. It’s fostering habits that’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

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