Together, let’s send more children to school with Glocal Aid Charity

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We’re all one. We’re undivided.
We’re realising this more now, than ever.

Do you have children? Can you imagine not being able to give them an education? This is the reality for millions of families in India. Glocal Aid, Zinzino’s charity arm, exists to change this.

Glocal Aid contributes education and healthcare to people in need, in order to increase their quality of life and create long-lasting change. Education is as essential as food, water and shelter. No one should go without. Neither one is a luxury.

Since 2016, Glocal Aid has been working with local schools, providing education for hundreds of elementary and high school students in the Uttar Pradesh province. And as a Zinzino customer, you’re an important piece in this mission.

Now, in 2020, more than ever before, we need to come together. Where the collective power CAN make a difference. When there’s force behind the human spirit.

As we prepare the children to go back to school, let’s use this time to support Glocal Aid’s efforts to get more vulnerable kids in classrooms. Donate any amount that you can. There’s no rules here.

Do you have fans of Zinzino in your network? Encourage them to sign up to the Glocal Aid newsletter for updates on how this money is changing communities. Glocal Aid isn’t one of those charities where you make a donation and never hear anything again. Learn exactly how students are selected, journey with them during their schooling, and let the photos of kids with smiles, ear-to-ear, warm your heart.

glocal aid - saloni & ansh

It’s one of those rare situations where you realise, there’s just as much they can teach us – about resilience, gratitude and simplicity. Like the stories of Salon Devi and Ansh Kumar, 10 and six years old. Children of a poor labour worker in a Saree factory, Salon and Ansh live with their Mum and grandparents. Their father can’t afford a house on their own and is only able to visit during the Holi Festival or Deepawali season.

During one of these visits, he came to learn about Ebenezer School, after seeing an advertisement in a market. He visited the school on the way back, but was first reluctant to send his girl to the school. After the staff explained that girls are equally as important, he decided to send them both. The family are very happy to be a part of Ebenezer School. Their lives have changed forever thanks to Glocal Aid.

It’s back to school, for all kids.

In trying times like now, it’s hard to know what to believe in. But, that one person can start a ripple.

It’s you. YOU are the change. It doesn’t come from the top. This isn’t a hierarchy. We’re all in this together, the world is home for every one of us.

Let’s make it a lot better by giving a little. Contribute to Glocal Aid today.

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