Glocal Aid Charity – Join us, giving children the gift of education.

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To lead change, we believe we must walk the talk.

Zinzino exists to change lives…

Like yours, and other Partners…

The people who benefit from our wellness products…

And, on a broader scale, those who need our help most. Children.

That’s why we’re a major sponsor of Glocal Aid Charity – a charity invested in education and healthcare for children in India.

Each year, our corporate division donates money to Local Aid Charity to improve the lives of vulnerable children. Our mission? To provide support for programs that help children out of poverty and into education.

One of the Glocal Aid Charity projects birthed from this philosophy is Ebenezer School in Karwi, India. 13-year-old Chotu Kumar, is one of many boys who can attend school, thanks to Glocal Aid’s program (and Zinzino’s contributions).

Glocal Aid charity - helping hand

Help us reach 2,000 children, in 3 years.

It’s hard to imagine being denied education because of your gender. This is the reality in this region of India (and why 40% of students at Ebenezer School are girls). The students gain an education, as well as practical skills including gardening, sewing, cooking and crafting.

The Glocal Aid Charity program is transforming the lives of children, such as the Singh siblings. Sheelu, 15, Anshika, 10, and Ayush, 9, all attend Ebenezer School. Their Father, Mr Arjun Singh, is a farmer, dependent on monsoon rains for his crops. His income, like the weather, is unpredictable.

Glocal Aid met the family on a door-to-door campaign and told Mr Singh him about the benefit of the program. While reluctant, he was interested, and later asked if he could have a fee concession for one child if he enrolled all three.

The headmaster accepted his request and the rest is history. Seeing the growth of the children and their excitement attending school, his older brother chose to send his family there, too.

This is just one of hundreds of beautiful stories that Glocal Aid’s efforts have helped create… and you can be a part of this, too.

You joined Zinzino to make a change in your own life. More freedom, without compromising your income. Standing by products that only transform lives but save them.

Make your mark globally, by contributing to Glocal Aid Charity. Inspire change in life, for your customers, family, friends, and those who really need it. Vulnerable children.

Imagine if your kids didn’t have access to education and healthcare… or your nieces and nephews’ future were set in stone, simply because of their social class.

You have the resources to change their future. Will you join us re-write their story?

Glocal Aid charity - children

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