How to have bright glowing skin, every day of the year

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Our skin is so intertwined with our self-confidence, right ladies? We spend our teens fighting off pimples and just as we were enjoying the golden era of perfect skin in our 20s, a girlfriend said: “I just bought a wrinkle cream.”

Insert: panic attack!

We all have this friend. And back then, we were frustrated at her for pulling us out of our “I’m going to be young forever” confidence. She helped us see that we can have good skin for decades, if we start by looking after it early.

So, let’s dedicate this article to that friend, the one who always helps us stay on top of our beauty game.

The “you look like you just got back from holiday” complexion.

Ladies, we know by now that small, incremental habits can make the world of difference to how we feel… like working out, eating well, beauty maintenance, and having glowing skin.

Oh, there’s nothing quite like a clear, glowing complexion. You can wear less makeup, as there’s no need to cover up bad skin. That way you carry yourself, with natural confidence.

You know what we’re talking about, because you notice it, too. Oh, she has great glowing skin!

5 natural secrets to glowing skin.

Day 1: Invest in quality skincare

Let’s start with the most important point; your skin serum. Regardless of how great your skin already is, it needs a rejuvenating cream that approaches ageing systematically.

Just in case you’re thinking, I’m too young for an anti-wrinkle cream, hang on, honey. A moisturizer like this Skin Serum creates an instant glow (while it ‘works all day’ reducing fine lines and wrinkles) thanks to its fruit extracts.

Trust us, you’re NEVER too young (or old) for this cream.

Day 2: Drink a lot of water

This one’s an easy one to naturally encourage glowing skin, and you might already be doing it. Up your H2O to three litres a day and keep your skin nice and clear.

Day 3: Meditate in the morning

You’ll want to make this one a habit to reduce your stress (and cortisol producing excess oil on your skin).  You could be doing everything right, diet and skincare-wise, but your mental and emotional health impacts the quality of your skin.

Day 4: Eat these foods!

A quick Google search will give you a long list of foods that your skin loooovvves. Add tomato, avocado, walnuts, sweet potato, salmon, carrots, blueberries and eggs to your shopping list. These foods aid healthy skin, and we don’t need to tell you they’re delicious. Chocolate, hello?

Day 5: A sauna session. 

You know the toxin-releasing power of a good workout. But do you know about sauna therapy? Get ready to be blown away but the health-benefiting statistics, including what it does for the skin.

Saunas stimulate the sebaceous glands, which encourages the natural moisturizing and lubricating processes. It keeps the skin in great shape, making it visibly healthier and fuller. It’s that sun glow, in 15 minutes.

Good skin lets you rock the best look that’ll never go out of style: natural.

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