How your diet (rich in Omega-3s) can help reduce those winter blues

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No, you’re not crazy. Winter blues isn’t some excuse for our moodiness. The change of seasons affects us, and probably more than we even realise.

But instead of dreading those unfavourable months, sync your body with a natural cycle of seasonal change. And this doesn’t mean bunkering down in winter or staying out until the sun goes down, in summer.

Take your mood into your own hands, by what you put on your plate. Tackle seasonal mood shifts by watching your diet. A big factor in experiencing low energy and just wanting to hide and gorge on carbs, is daylight.

Our body’s circadian clock ‘tells us’ when to feel tired and awake. It plays a huge role in systems like hormone release, regulating temperature, metabolism and mood. So, the winter blues are, literally, a biological response to changing light levels… and something that can be supported in various ways.

Soak up the sunshine, when you can get it.

Lift your spirits by consciously spending more time in the sun. If you’re working all day and get home late, open up your windows and let those morning rays soak into your soul.

On the weekends, enjoy a walk in the day, for a natural mood booster (and stress diffuser).

Eat right & fuel your body with Omega-3’s.

Even if you’re perfectly cosy in your big sweater and plan to stay inside, fight temptations to order Uber Eats. Conserve your energy and avoid foods that make you buzz, then crash, straight into a Netflix binge. Carbs and sugar spike the blood sugar levels in your brain before diving, along with your mood.

Instead, cook delicious hearty meals, packed with fruits, vegetables, proteins, complex carbohydrates, and Omega-3’s, of course. Limit your ‘hugs’ of red wine, and drink water instead. Dish up a serving of salmon and brussell sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower. This resource will help you incorporate more Omega-3’s into your meals.

And for Omega-3 meal inspiration? Peruse this list, but not on an empty stomach.

But for daily support, add Zinzino’s Balance Oil into your morning routine… because you’re not going to want to eat fish every night. BalanceOil contributes to a normal immune system, since it contains vitamin D and will help to combat the winter blues.

Fill your heart, with friend time.

And, what’s better for the soul than bestie time. Whether it’s coffee with the girls or beer with the boys, spending time with good friends makes everything better. Blend all three remedies into one (sunshine, Omega-3s and friends) for a wintery day that sure feels like summer.

Winter blues takes on a whole new meaning. Let’s dance.

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