Mums, here’s how to rock a great skincare routine on-the-go

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There was once a time when you dedicated time to your skincare routine. Sunday comprised of a good half-day of self-care. Sure, part of this was to ‘erase’ the damage you did the night before, but most of the time, you looked forward to it…

And now you have children.

The little rugrats follow you into the bathroom and say “Mummy, what’s that on your face?” Those slow, ‘kick back and wait for the mask to work its magic’ days are long behind you. But great skin doesn’t have to be.

Take the pressure off yourself and adopt a minimalist approach to skincare. Don’t get persuaded by the media (and your time-abundant BFFs). Pull back on the products and steps in your bathroom routine.

You deserve more than just slapping water on your face. As a Mum, you need this more than ever. Stop reading ‘must-have’ articles and go back to the necessary basics.

A successful skincare routine is one you can maintain.

Skincare really doesn’t need to be complicated. You already know what we’re going to say. We’re here to encourage you to give yourself permission to do less. Mums have a tendency to do more. Allow yourself to stick to the (essential) basics.

This means…

Cleaning and moisturising, day & night.

Invest in a gentle, botanically rich cleanser to ‘wash off the day’ and prime your skin for lotion. Look for phrases such as ‘pH balanced’, ‘sulphate-free’, and ‘no soap.’ You don’t want to, unconsciously, put detergent on your skin.

When it comes to skincare, go as natural as possible. Invest in quality skincare like Zinzino’s Serum that’s proven to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and ageing, by targeting the extra-cellular matrix (ECM).

Wearing sunscreen every day.

UV damage impacts the skin all year, and not just when the sun is shining. Follow up your moisturiser with a SPF30 sunscreen to minimise sunspots, discolouration, and premature wrinkles.

Exfoliate & face mask, every so often.

Every few weeks, give your skin a little extra lovin’ by exfoliating and putting on a face mask. These steps are non-essential but great for removing dead skin build-up that can impact the effectiveness of your moisturiser.

Block out all the skincare ‘chatter’ and do what works for you. The choices you make on daily basis affects your skin, so focus on leading a healthy life.

Fuel your great skin from the inside out, with nourishing foods. Exercise regularly to release those nasty toxins. And treat yourself, every once in a while.

Mums are superheros. Don’t ever forget this.



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