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7 achievable ways to reach your 10,000 daily steps

If you’ve got an iPhone, the Health app comes automatically. We’ve got our phones on us most of the time, so it does a pretty good job at tracking our daily steps.

But it misses many of those little steps that compound, walking throughout the house or office. Opening the app at the end of an active day can send you into an ‘I need to join the gym’ panic.

The truth is, our modern lifestyle isn’t conducive to 10,000 daily steps. Many of us drive to work and even if you don’t, you probably live within 10 minutes of public transport. We sit all day in offices, then come home and switch to another screen: Netflix!

Getting your steps in is a conscious choice.

Make a commitment to focus on your 10,000 steps, not ‘I’ll work out three days a week.’ This will shift your perspective and integrate smaller, manageable lifestyle changes. Need help putting one foot in front of the other? Start with a one-week challenge following these seven tips.

1) Track your daily steps

Grab yourself a FitBit so you can get clear on how many steps you’re really walking. You want to record every single one. Yes, even those 20 steps to and from the bathroom.

2) Pick a friend to walk with

Got a close friend nearby? Make a weekly commitment to make movement part of your catch-up. Ask your friend to get a FitBit, too, so you can sync up and support each other.

3) Walk to public transport

Leave your car at home and get up 20-30 minutes earlier every day to get your steps in. You might be surprised how much you actually love a time, just for you. Put some music in or play your favorite podcast and have a few thousand steps logged before 9.00am.

4) Get a dog

You don’t need to be motivated by steps to get a gorgeous little pup. Getting your steps in will be a natural part of owning a dog. Take him for daily walks to explore, without feeling like you’re even exercising.

5) Ask yourself: how can I get a few more steps in today?

Having this question in the back of your mind will help you make more conscious decisions. Is there a restaurant or shop you want to visit, but it’s a 10-minute walk? Don’t Uber; walk there instead.

6) The morning coffee run!

Coffee lovers, this one will be easy to do. If you have a local café that’s become part of your morning routine, walk there before you start work. You’ll love feeling part of the community (and looking at your FitBit) after this morning habit.

7) Fresh air, your afternoon remedy

While coffee sets you up for a productive morning, a walk in the fresh air is the perfect 3pm-slump remedy. When you’re feeling fatigued, take a little wander and get some steps in.

You can do this… one step at a time.

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