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Share the love – Zinzino Gives Back to educate and empower underprivileged Indian children.  

It’s been a year like no other. 2020 gave us a taste of life without most of the things we’ve taken for granted. For some of us, the pandemic meant not being able to hop on a plane for a vacation abroad. For others, the year put an abrupt end to access to basic supplies and sourcing food to live by.

COVID-19 was the great leveler and India was hit especially hard with over 10 million cases. It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out that poor communities have a harder time to control a virus than in other, more resourceful areas of the world. For many millions of people in India, life was already very difficult with basic needs at a minimum long before the pandemic arrived. When you are struggling to meet basic human needs such as water, food, shelter and clothing – necessities such as education are out of reach altogether, a luxury you cannot even grasp much less strive for. For a lot of families in India who are grappling with immense poverty, their situation is not always due to unlucky circumstances. A lot of times poverty is something they’ve been born into.

Zinzino Gives Back in a joined mission with Glocal Aid

Sit with this for a moment. It’s a sense of hopelessness that is almost unimaginable, right? But, instead of succumbing to feeling the burden of guilt or thanking your lucky star, you actually have a chance to do something and make a real difference in the life of somebody so much less fortunate. The Glocal Aid charity is on a mission to put an end to multi-generational poverty, by giving underprivileged Indian children adequate healthcare and access to schooling. Each year, the Zinzino corporate division donates money to help Glocal Aid empower these children with education and contribute to a better quality of life and long-lasting change for the better. And we’re getting there. One child at a time. Today, Zinzino Gives Back is a Glocal Aid senior partner, having donated just over SEK 4,039,569.

Putting 2,000 children through school by 2023

United with Glocal Aid, Zinzino Gives Back is tied to the belief that access to education should be non-negotiable, that it’s a basic human right. Every child deserves the opportunity to spend his or her days in class, not in fields or factories taking on responsibilities that should belong to their parents.

Starting out in 2016, Glocal Aid is currently sponsoring 620 students with an education at Ebenezer School in the Indian Uttar Pradesh province’s Kukurah village. During the 2020 pandemic, all students have kept on learning throughout, with the help of online classes and home visits financed by Glocal Aid and Zinzino Gives Back. Teachers and staff were able to pay door-to-door visits to all of the children in the school and check on how they are doing with their online classes.

Offering this kind of help is just the beginning. Our goal is to send 2,000 children to school by 2023 and we need your help. Once food, water, shelter, education and safety are in place, achieving greatness is suddenly within reach for all of us. These children are our future. Together we can be the solution. Join us! Here’s what you can do right now:


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