Skin is The game

Dr. Paul Clayton
19 July

“The secret of staying young is to live honestly,
eat slowly and lie about your age.”
/Lucille Ball

The problem is, your face can’t lie. As time passes skin thins, fine lines deepen into wrinkles and age spots accumulate. People notice, and some mornings, when you look in the mirror, you notice it too. And so we try to turn the clock back. Way back … 

The ancient Egyptians used baking soda to keep their skins hydrated, the ancient Greeks used olive oil. But the modern cosmetic industry has been selling rubbish since the 1900’s. Is the industry any more responsible today? The major cosmetic manufacturers have recently been reported as using 88 chemicals linked to cancer in their skincare products – so you be the judge.

It is only in the last few years that our understanding of skin physiology and the ageing process has advanced to the point where authentic anti-ageing skincare has finally arrived. The discovery of the extra-cellular matrix and its key role in skin dynamics, was a giant leap forward. The development of the copper peptides1 made it possible to stimulate skin regeneration, and our growing understanding of the link between chronic inflammation and accelerated matrix breakdown, made it possible to reduce skin damage.

Zinzino skin serum combines all those principles and adds a few more beside.  Combining accelerated matrix formation plus slowed matrix breakdown leads to 

  • improved skin thickness,
  • hydration and
  • smoother structure.

The addition of low molecular weight beta glucans2 enhances the skin’s immune system and provides further support to the matrix. A clutch of ancillary ingredients provides further benefits; and any and all potentially harmful compounds have been rigorously screened out. This is the combination product that achieved a better than 30% improvement in skin elasticity in a 60-day study3.

Try it yourself! You won’t have to
wait long to see the face in your
mirror get younger.


“The Zinzino Skin Serum really works for me! I started using the serum 6 weeks ago and it has already reduced fine lines and wrinkles and I experience an improvement of the overall quality of my skin. I am very happy about the result so far.” Anette, Sweden


[1] Copper peptide GHK-Cu is found naturally in the human body, and combines the element copper with three amino acids, making it a tripeptide. It is an antioxidant and has high anti-inflammatory effects, can promote wound healing, collagen stimulation and attraction of immune cells.
[2] Beta glucans are polysaccharide sugars found in various mushrooms, plants, algaes, yeasts and oats. They soothe and calm irritated skin and act as an effective anti-ager to firm and plump fine lines and wrinkles.
[3] Integrated in the Zinzino pharmaconutritional program