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There’s no denying it. Social media is an important business-building tool. By 2021, statista.com says the number of users is predicted to spike to almost half of the world’s population. Yes, that’s 3.02 billion users.

The whole paradigm of how we interact, make decisions and buy things has shifted. Posting, liking, tweeting, viewing is a vital part of running a business today. An engaged social media audience leads to fans, creating brand advocates, new team members, and more customers.

Capitalise on these social media channels by weaving social selling into your online day.

Building tasteful, authentic relationships online.

  1. Be real!

Think about how busy YOU are. You don’t want to scroll on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook, only to be blasted by, oh-so-obvious, sales spin. Be a human, share content that you would find interesting, and use your platforms for relationship building (first and foremost). Explore your chosen channels and take notice of the content with high engagement, even outside health and wellness.

  1. User-generated content

People love to be featured on other people’s profiles, especially if it’s a wonderful brand (like yours). Encourage active conversations with your audience. Share their Instagram ‘stories’, do shout-outs, and make a daily effort to comment and like on various profiles.

  1. Leverage tools on social media

Data might not be your thing, especially if you’re creative. But, social listening tools like Synthesio provide insights into how your content is performing. These important metrics can help you test to optimise future social media posts and improve your reach.

  1. One theme, various platforms

This strategy helps with both depth and reach, as you hone one topic and spread it across social media channels. It’s a great approach because it solves the ‘what should I post about today’ dilemma and allows you to touch more people, with a strong message (that’s not diluted between channels).

  1. Behind the scenes

Give your audience a special reason to invest time in returning to your social media channel. For Instagram, you can use the Stories function to have ‘one-on-one’ chats with your audience – something that only your followers get to see.

Or if it’s a Facebook Group, you can introduce member-only competitions and live discussions.

When you stand by the product or service you’re selling, it loses any awkward ‘slickness’. And, with Zinzino’s range of health and wellness products, you know you’re making lives better.

It just so happens that wellness is one of the most popular industries on Instagram. Double-tap, love!

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